Someone just told me that her three-year-old daughter requests our two newest books
as her bedtime stories!

Una Cometa is A Kite: My Second Language Series   Un Gato is A Cat: My Second Language Series

Are you ready to teach your baby or toddler a second language?

Would you teach children the alphabet and not teach them how to read?

Would you teach children their numbers and not teach them to add and subtract?

Then, why teach children second language vocabulary and not teach them how to speak the language!

Take those "Your First Hundred Words" dictionaries to another level!


A series designed for families and teachers who are raising children to be bilingual!

Children need to start learning a second language, NOW!

The My Second Language Series is all about making a second language fun and easy to acquire.  Let's face it, children in today's world NEED to know a second language.  Start your children on their second language today.

I have taught languages since I was a five-year-old and learned how to count to five in Spanish!  I was just a child in love with languages, and I have always brought that love to every aspect of my life and to every person I dealt with.  Now I am creating this series so that everyone; home-schooled children, parents, students in school, teachers... everyone can fall in love with language!  

Learning a language doesn't have to be a chore.  Learning a second language is FUN with this series.  

The adorable illustrations in our books are mostly done by youngsters who are proud to show just how much they are learning.  Sentences and story-line ideas come from children.  Simple, two-language sentence structure teach new words.  Vocabulary lists help children with the more advanced sentences and thought-lines.


With the My Second Language Series, children become immersed in their second language from the moment they pick up the book.

Our titles introduce a vocabulary word right away...  

Arriba is Up

Arriba is Up!

"Arriba" means "Up" in Spanish, now you know how to say UP! 

 Now, just open the book and learn more!  It's that simple!

Watch our two minute video.

Then continue reading more about the different levels in the series.  


 Which level is right for your children?

Click the play button to see our two minute video clip about the series.


From Nichole:  This is the photo that I took right when Adia's book arrived, to tape into her copy of the book.  I wanted to make sure you could see her face!  She is so proud of having her own illustrations published!  I LOVE how that rainbow turned out!!!!  You really can work magic while still staying true to the child's vision!  Adia said she likes Un Arco Iris is A Rainbow the best.

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